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The Countdown has Begun!

The question has been asked, and you have answered.. YES!! We are so excited for you and want to help you start transitioning into the beginning stages of planning one of the BEST and BIGGEST days of your life!

If you haven't started already, start looking for venues. **cough cough #hiddenporchwedding :) ** We recommend narrowing it down to your top five and then touring. Remember to keep in mind your budget (or your parent's budgets) and how many guests you are planning on attending before you fall in love with one or touring one so you do not waste your time.

Next, you will need to start researching photographers. If you are wanting a video of your wedding to this would also be the time to look for videographers as well. We recommend #JAGDigital He is phenomenal and offers both. You are able to do just photography with him too if both are out of your price range. Photography is my #soapbox : A great deal is wonderful, but remember that no amount of a discount is worth terrible photos, no photos, or in general a bad experience on your wedding day. Quality is something you want with the photographer you both choose together.

These are the two things we would suggest you get booked quickly after you get engaged. Most venues are booked a year out; especially if you want a Saturday. Most photographers are the same way. If you have a special date that may make it even more important to get started fast.

Once you have these two booked you can breathe for about two seconds. ha! Seriously though, it eases up for a month or so, then we advise you to start looking at the next things you might need.

These are in no particular order.

1. linens

2. catering/food

3. centerpieces

4. florist/flowers

5. DJ

6. cake **taste all the cakes, maybe even after you find the place you like ;) haha!

7. officiant

8. invites

9. where to register for gifts

10. look and pick out dress

And there is MORE! We are just mentioning a few other things. We also recommend a #dayofcoordinator These wonderful people help keep your day running smoothly. That should be on your list of things to book too. If it is in your budget, they can also help the entire process and help coordinate through the entire wedding planning process.

We hope this helps you know where to start once you have said YES to the person of your dreams!



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Candace Townsend
Candace Townsend
Mar 04, 2020

Happy we could help! 😊


Mar 04, 2020

Great information! Thank you!

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