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Let's talk First Looks!

What is a First Look? A first look is just that. It is giving someone(or someones) an opportunity to see you before the ceremony after you are dressed and ready. Typically we see this done with your partner, a parent, grandparent, or best friend. First Looks are great for an intimate and emotional photo opportunity.

Why should I do a First Look? There are a few reasons why we personally like first looks. First being that its an opportunity to get a lot of the photos done before your ceremony to give yourself more time to enjoy your celebration with all of your guests. Secondly, it gives your photographer the ability to capture both you and your loved one in such an intimate moment. Lastly, the moments leading up to ceremony is when we see most of our nerves, and having a First Look gives you a moment to decompress and replace those nerves with confidence and warmth.

Do I have to do a First Look? Absolutely not! Everyone has a different vision for what their special day will look like, and yours may not include a First look and that’s okay! We try our hardest at The Hidden Porch to make YOUR dream come true. We don’t strive to be strictly traditional or any other style, we are a one stop shop that does its best to fit every one of our guests wants and needs!❤️

Thanks for reading, as always if you have any questions feel free to reach out to any of us at The Hidden Porch! -Autumn Hawk

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Jsnizzle Rios
Jsnizzle Rios
17 de fev. de 2022

Hi, I would like to get some information to hopefully set a date for an event, my number is 918-437-0131. Thank you

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