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5 Ways To Stay Calm On Your Wedding Day!

Hello everyone! My name is Candace Townsend, and I own the wedding venue The Hidden Porch in Catoosa, Oklahoma! Today I am going to give you 5 ways to stay calm on your wedding day.

Don't you know your wedding day is suppose to be the best day of your life?? Well for some that just isn't the case; which is awful! I have noticed that there are some brides completely overwhelmed and about to lose their $h!t at any moment the day of their wedding and I wish I could have given them these simple 5 steps before the BIG day! So do yourself a favor and read these before you become her!

1. Hire a day of coordinator:

I can NOT stress this enough. These women & men KNOW what they are doing. They not only set up your timeline, tell you when to do everything, and make sure your day goes perfect. They also fix all the small or big issues that happen throughout the day and YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT THEM (until afterwards)! You have an aunt who's pushy, day of coordinator will take care of it. Got a vendor who is pressuring you to change your timeline?day of coordinator will fix that. If it's in your budget GET ONE! #dayofcoordinator

2. Be present/in the moment:

It's so hard to not be stressing about every little detail, decoration, etc when you're stuck up in the get ready room getting all glam-o-fied for your entrance, but try to just be present and enjoy each moment. **Hint #1 tip hire the day of coordinator to worry about that stuff** You will look back and have happier memories if you are present with each friend and family member. Those moments will not happen again; be there! #bepresent

3. Keep it FUN:

Have your maid of honor create a playlist of your favorite music, have a snack bar of your favorite foods/candies, drink a little to relax, and just have fun! It's your wedding day for crying out loud! Maybe you have a gift for you bridesmaids, and it's something silly with something sweet. Remember to not be so serious on this day. #girlsjustwanttohavefun

4. Breath:

This is important! If you are nervous, overwhelmed or just extremely excited...BREATH! You may even meditate. Simple breathing can help you lower your heart rate and help you keep calm **see what I did there** #justbreath

5. Hydrate/Eat:

This is one I feel most brides (and grooms) do not do on the day of their wedding! You are too busy rushing around, getting ready, decorating, etc you forget about the most important thing, YOU! Feed your body real food (not just a mint before you walk down the isle), and actual water (not just mimosas or beer). These two things will help you get through the ceremony without passing out or yawning/looking tired. Afterwards, eat at your reception, of course drink whatever you want, but you paid for food to be there for your guest, you need to eat as well! #nomnomnom

I hope these 5 tips come in handy for you on your BIG DAY! Remember, no matter what it will be a great day because you are marrying your best friend at the end of it.

Let me know if you'd like to hear something specific on my next blog/what you thought of this one. #wedding #bestfriend #bestdayever #love #forever #hiddenporchweddingchapelandgardens


Candace <3

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